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  • Maro, V. D., Leeffers, S., Serra, D., & Vicente, P. C. (2022). Mobilizing Parents at Home and at School: An Experiment on Primary Education in Angola. Economic Development and Cultural Change.
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  • Harris, D., Borcan, O., Serra, D., Telli, H., Schettini, B., & Dercon, S. (2022). Proud to belong: The impact of ethics training on police officers.
  • Serra, D. (2022). Role Models in Developing Countries. Handbook of Experimental Development Economics.
  • Butler, J. V., Serra, D., & Spagnolo, G. (2020). Motivating Whistleblowers. Management Science. 66(2), 605-621.
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  • Abbink, K., & Serra, D. (2012). Chapter 4 Anticorruption Policies: Lessons from the Lab. New Advances in Experimental Research on Corruption. 77-115. Emerald.
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  • Serra, D., & Wantchekon, L. (2012). Experimental research on corruption: Introduction and overview. New advances in experimental research on corruption. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
  • Serra, D., & Wantchekon, L. (2012). Research in Experimental Economics. New Advances in Experimental Research on Corruption. iii. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
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