My research focuses on branding, effective event marketing, sporting events, and sport marketing.

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Academic Articles31
  • Yu, B. o., Brison, N. T., & Bennett, G. (2022). Why do women watch esports? A social role perspective on spectating motives and points of attachment. COMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR. 127, 107055-107055.
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  • Oshiro, K. F., Brison, N., & Bennett, G. (2021). Personal branding project in a sport marketing class. Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education. 28, 100308-100308.
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  • Hussain, U., Yu, B. o., Cunningham, G. B., & Bennett, G. (2021). “I Can be Who I Am When I Play Tekken 7”: E-sports Women Participants from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Games and Culture. 16(8), 978-1000.
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  • Bennett, G., Keiper, P., & Dixon, M. (2020). Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? The Conflict between School and Club Sports in the United States. Quest. 72(1), 85-101.
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  • Lobpries, J., Bennett, G., & Brison, N. (2018). How I Perform is Not Enough: Exploring Branding Barriers Faced by Elite Female Athletes. Sport Marketing Quarterly. 27(1), 5-17.
Conference Papers2
  • Brown, B. L., Cohen, A., & Bennett, G. (2012). Using Motivational Theories to Enhance Attendance. Res Q Exerc Sport. 83, A92-A92.
  • Ballouli, K., Hutchinson, M., & Bennett, G. (2010). Assessing the Economic Impact of a Nonprofit State Sports Festival. Res Q Exerc Sport. 81(1), 94-95.
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