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  • Shults, P., Hopken, M., Eyer, P., Blumenfeld, A., Mateos, M., Cohnstaedt, L. W., & Vargo, E. L. (2022). Species delimitation and mitonuclear discordance within a species complex of biting midges. Scientific Reports. (1), 1730.
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  • DeWitt, T. J., Troendle, N. J., Mateos, M., & Mauricio, R. (2022). Population genetics and independently replicated evolution of predator-associated burst speed ecophenotypy in mosquitofish. Heredity. 128(1), 45-55.
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  • Lue, C., Buffington, M. L., Scheffer, S., Lewis, M., Elliott, T. A., Lindsey, A., ... Hrcek, J. (2021). DROP: Molecular voucher database for identification of Drosophila parasitoids.. Mol Ecol Resour. 21(7), 2437-2454.
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  • Higareda Alvear, V. M., Mateos, M., Cortez, D., Tamborindeguy, C., & Martinez-Romero, E. (2021). Differential gene expression in a tripartite interaction: Drosophila, Spiroplasma and parasitic wasps.. PeerJ. 9, e11020-e11020.
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  • Gerth, M., Martinez-Montoya, H., Ramirez, P., Masson, F., Griffin, J. S., Aramayo, R., ... Hurst, G. (2021). Rapid molecular evolution of Spiroplasma symbionts of Drosophila.. Microb Genom. 7(2), 000503.
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  • Weider, L. J., Elser, J. J., Crease, T. J., Mateos, M., Cotner, J. B., & Markow, T. A. (2005). The Functional Significance of Ribosomal (r)DNA Variation: Impacts on the Evolutionary Ecology of Organisms. Annual Review of Ecology Evolution and Systematics. ANNUAL REVIEW OF ECOLOGY EVOLUTION AND SYSTEMATICS. 219-242. Annual Reviews.
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Conference Papers1
  • Hurtado, L. A., Mateos, M., Lutz, R. A., & Vrijenhoek, R. C. (2002). Molecular evidence for multiple species of Oasisia (Annelida : Siboglinidae) at eastern Pacific hydrothermal vents. CAHIERS DE BIOLOGIE MARINE. 43(3-4), 377-380.
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  • Higareda-Alvear, V. M., Mateos, M., Quezada, D. C., Tamborindeguy, C., & Martínez-Romero, E. (2020). Transcriptomic response during wasp parasitism in the Drosophila-Spiroplasma interaction.
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  • Michael, J. O., Lawton, B., Mateos, M., Carone, D., Ferreri, G., Hrbek, T., ... Rachel, J. O. (2007). From the Cover: Ancient and continuing Darwinian selection on insulin-like growth factor II in placental fishes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA.
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