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Our research interests are directed towards understanding the complex mechanisms which regulate the expression of specific gene sequences in development. We have focused our studies upon the factors that influence the smooth muscle component of the developing gastrointestinal (G.I.) tract. It has been shown that smooth muscle cells are predominantly derived from mesodermal precursor cells, however the factors regulating the selection of the smooth muscle myogenic pathway is not well defined.

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  • Hammerle, C. M., Sandovici, I., Brierley, G. V., Smith, N. M., Zimmer, W. E., Zvetkova, I., ... Constância, M. (2020). Mesenchyme-derived IGF2 is a major paracrine regulator of pancreatic growth and function. PLOS Genetics. 16(10), e1009069-e1009069.
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