Thakar, Heather individual record
Assistant Professor

Archaeological Theory, Evolutionary Ecology, Foraging and Proto-agricultural Societies

New World Archaeology (California, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua), Coastal and Island Archaeology

Human Paleoecology, Archaeobotany, Palynology, Isotope Geochemistry, Coastal Zooarchaeology

Quantitative Methods in Archaeology, Chronological Models and Data Integration

Archaeological Ethics, Repatriation, Curation and Collections Management

selected publications
Academic Articles10
  • Kistler, L., Thakar, H. B., VanDerwarker, A. M., Domic, A., Bergstrm, A., George, R. J., ... Kennett, D. J. (2020). Archaeological Central American maize genomes suggest ancient gene flow from South America.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 117(52), 33124-33129.
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  • Kennett, D. J., Thakar, H. B., VanDerwarker, A. M., Webster, D. L., Culleton, B. J., Harper, T. K., ... Hirth, K. (2017). High-precision chronology for Central American maize diversification from El Gigante rockshelter, Honduras.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 114(34), 9026-9031.
  • Thakar, H. B., Glassow, M. A., & Blanchette, C. (2017). Reconsidering evidence of human impacts: Implications of within-site variation of growth rates in Mytilus californianus along tidal gradients. Quaternary International. 427, 151-159.
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  • Thakar, H. B., Glassow, M. A., & Blanchette, C. A. (2017). The forest and the trees: Small-scale ecological variability and archaeological interpretations of temporal changes in California mussel shell size. QUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL. 427, 246-249.
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  • VanDerwarker, A. M., Bardolph, D. N., Hoppa, K. M., Thakar, H. B., Martin, L. S., Jaqua, A. L., Biwer, M. E., & Gill, K. M. (2016). New World Paleoethnobotany in the New Millennium (20002013). Journal of Archaeological Research. 24(2), 125-177.
  • Thakar, H. B., & Fernandez, C. F. (2023). Human Behavioral Ecology and Coastal Environments.
  • Thakar, H. B. (2015). Dating the Tlacuachero Post-Archaic Deposits: Ceramic Analysis. Voorhies, B. (Eds.), An Archaic Mexican Shellmound and its Entombed Floors. 29-47. Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press.
  • Thakar, H. B. (2015). The Tlacuachero Floors: Description and Sampling Methods. Voorhies, B. (Eds.), An Archaic Mexican Shellmound and its Entombed Floors. Cotsen Institute of Archaeology.
  • Thakar, H. B. (2012). Ancient actions predict modern consequences: Prehistoric lessons in marine shellfish exploitation. Conservation Biology and Applied Zooarchaeology. 92-109.
Repository Documents / Preprints1
  • Roberts, A., Potvin, S., Hankins, R., Gatson, S., Laddusaw, S., Muise, I., ... Davis, C. B. (2021). The Gulf Coast Heritage Preparedness Initiative: Proposal to the Texas A&M University President's Excellence Fund.
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