Xiong, Yinan (2016-08). Mock-3D Web Application: Interactive Lighting, Rendering and Shading for 2D Artwork. Master's Thesis. | Thesis individual record

In this thesis, we developed a web-based tool to allow artists to create 3D-looking stylized depictions based on 2D artwork with complete visual control. The controls include multiple lights with diffuse reflections and specular highlights, and refraction and mirror reflection with Fresnel control. Our controls do not necessarily correspond to underlying physical phenomena; however, they still provided results that are visually similar to 3D realistic rendering.

The core of this approach is using paintable shape maps, which are similar to normal maps. The shape maps do not have to correspond to 3D shapes and, therefore, they can allow the artist to obtain incoherent and impossible 2D shapes with 3D appearance.

Another contribution is that we linearized Fresnel Curve so that it can be controlled by two sliders. This allows it to achieve an intuitive blending of the results of refraction and reflection.

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