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Assistant Professor

Main topics of research:

- Port-city relationship: social and political aspects

- The three dimensions of port development: economic, strategic and political

- Port cooperation and port competition

- Cyber Resilience of Existing Systems on ships and ports

- An Analysis of Port Asset Management for the Alternative Energy Trade

- Dry Bulk Tramp Shipping: A world overview and the Brazilian market

- Developing a Comprehensive Approach to Port Performance Assessment

Main methods:

- Content Analysis

- Stakeholder analysis

- Power structures framework

- Questionnaires and interviews

- Bibliographic studies

education and training
selected publications
Academic Articles17
  • Galvao, C. B., & Robles, L. T. (2021). The political dimension of Brazilian port development: a content analysis of the 2013 new port law. WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs. 20(1), 17-39.
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  • Mileski, J., Clott, C., Galvao, C. B., & Laverne, T. (2020). Technical analysis: the psychology of the market of dry bulk freight rates. Journal of Shipping and Trade. 5(1), 26.
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  • Nyman, E., Galvao, C. B., Mileski, J., & Tiller, R. (2020). The Svalbard archipelago: an exploratory analysis of port investment in the context of the new arctic routes. Maritime Studies. 19(1), 1-13.
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  • Duru, O., Galvao, C. B., Mileski, J., Robles, L. T., & Gharehgozli, A. (2020). Developing a comprehensive approach to port performance assessment. The Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics. 36(4), 169-180.
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  • Mileski, J. P., Galvao, C. B., & Forester, Z. D. (2020). Human trafficking in the commercial fishing industry: A multiple case study analysis. Marine Policy. 116, 103616-103616.
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  • Galvao, C. B. (2009). Fusões e aquisições : uma outra forma com a mesma essência. Marques, R. M., & Ferreira, M. J. (Eds.), O Brasil sob a nova ordem : a economia brasileira contemporanea : uma analise dos governos Collor a Lula.
Conference Papers2
  • Paixao Casaca, A. C., Galvao, C. B., Robles, L. T., & Cutrim, S. S. (2017). Domestic short sea shipping services in Brazil: competition by enhancing logistics integration. International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics. 9(3), 280-280.
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  • Galvo, C. B., & Robles, L. T. (2013). The South America east coast reefer Cargo: A diagnosis of a competitive market. Creating Global Competitive Economies: 2020 Vision Planning and Implementation - Proceedings of the 22nd International Business Information Management Association Conference, IBIMA 2013. 3, 1891-1904.
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