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Senior Research Scientist
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Academic Articles11
  • Noor-Ziarat, R., Rezvani, M., Bagherani, N., & Grichar, W. J (2019). Studies on Seed biology, Distribution, and Chemical Control of Smellmelon (Cucumis melovar. agrestis Naudin): An Invasive Weed. Weed Technology. 33(1), 202-209.
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  • Mueller, T. C., Parker, E. T., Steckel, L., Clay, S. A., Owen, M. D., Curran, W. S., ... Klein, R. (2017). Enhanced atrazine degradation is widespread across the United States.. Pest Manag Sci. 73(9), 1953-1961.
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  • Manuchehri, M. R., Dotray, P. A., Grichar, W. J., & Baughman, T. A. (2017). Peanut Response to Pyraflufen-ethyl Applied Postemergence. Weed Technology. 31(3), 464-469.
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  • Fromme, D. D., Coker, D. L., McFarland, M. L., Mowrer, J. E., Provin, T. L., Schnell, R. W., & Grichar, W. J. (2017). Residual soil nitrogen credits for corn production along the upper Texas Gulf Coast region. Journal of Plant Nutrition. 40(1), 23-32.
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  • Grichar, W. J., Dotray, P. A., & Trostle, C. L. (2015). Castor (Ricinus communis L.) tolerance and weed control with preemergence herbicides. Industrial Crops and Products. 76, 710-716.
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Conference Papers2
  • Ocumpaugh, W. R., Bade, D. H., Cassida, K. A., Coleman, S. W., Grichar, W. J., Hussey, M. A., ... Smith, G. R. (1998). Limits of adaptation of a burr medic selection naturalized in South Texas. 1998 AMERICAN FORAGE AND GRASSLAND COUNCIL, PROCEEDINGS. 7, 148-152.
  • Ocumpaugh, W. R., Grichar, W. J., Rahmes, J. N., & Sestak, D. C (1996). Seeding multiple legume species in semiarid pastures. 1996 AMERICAN FORAGE AND GRASSLAND COUNCIL, PROCEEDINGS. 5, 65-69.
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