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My research focuses on conventional, cytogenetic, and genomic strategies towards development of improved perennial grasses as biorefinery platforms for biofuels, turfgrasses, forage, ornamentals, phytoremediators and renewable bio-based products. This includes developing molecular tools to assist marker-assisted breeding programs for value-added traits such as: net primary productivity, carbon sequestration, perenniality, photoperiodism, hybrid sterility, and apomixis. Feedstocks are further selected for resource use efficiency, stress tolerance, and novel seeded-yet-sterile hybrid systems.

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  • Porter, N. T., Burson, B. L., Washburn, J. D., Klein, R. R., & Jessup, R. W (2021). Cytogenetics and fertility of an induced tetraploid Sorghum bicolor x S. propinquum hybrid. Crop Science. (3),
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  • Foster, T. L., Baldi, H. D., Shen, X., Burson, B. L., Klein, R. R., Murray, S. C., & Jessup, R. W. (2020). Development of novel perennial Sorghum bicolor × S. propinquum hybrids. Crop Science. 60(2), 863-872.
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  • Sharma, S., Rajan, N., Cui, S., Maas, S., Casey, K., Ale, S., & Jessup, R. (2019). Carbon and evapotranspiration dynamics of a non-native perennial grass with biofuel potential in the southern U.S. Great Plains. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 269-270, 285-293.
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  • Foster, J. L., ThomasMoen, M. E., McCuistion, K. C., Redmon, L. A., & Jessup, R. W. (2019). Potential of Ensiling Sorghum without Grain Pretreated with Enzymes or Bacterial Inoculants. Crop Science. 59(5), 2258-2263.
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  • Sharma, S., Rajan, N., Cui, S., Casey, K., Ale, S., Jessup, R., & Maas, S. (2017). Seasonal variability of evapotranspiration and carbon exchanges over a biomass sorghum field in the Southern U.S. Great Plains. Biomass and Bioenergy. 105, 392-401.
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  • Jessup, R. W (2013). Perennialism and Weediness in the Saccharinae. Genomics of the Saccharinae. 503-515. Springer New York.
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  • Jessup, R. W (2011). Development and Status of Dedicated Energy Crops in the United States. Biofuels. 97-112. Springer New York.
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Conference Papers1
  • Venuto, B. C., Croughan, S. S., Pitman, W. D., Jessup, R. W., Renganayaki, K., & Burson, B. L (2007). Variation among hexaploid Paspalum dilatatum Poir. regenerants from tissue culture. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture. 47(9), 1109-1109.
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