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  • Stegemiller, M. R., Redden, R. R., Notter, D. R., Taylor, T., Taylor, J. B., Cockett, N. E., ... Murdoch, B. M. (2022). Using whole genome sequence to compare variant callers and breed differences of US sheep.. 13, 1060882.
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  • Thorne, J. W., Bowdridge, S. A., Murdoch, B. M., & Redden, R. R. (2022). Response of Rambouillet Lambs to an Artificial Gastrointestinal Nematode Infection.. Animals. 12(9), 1199-1199.
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  • Thorne, J. W., Murdoch, B. M., Freking, B. A., Redden, R. R., Murphy, T. W., Taylor, J. B., & Blackburn, H. D (2021). Evolution of the sheep industry and genetic research in the United States: opportunities for convergence in the twenty-first century.. Animal Genetics. 52(4), 395-408.
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  • Riley, D. G., Thorne, J. W., Redden, R. R., Herring, A. D., & Waldron, D. F. (2020). Comparative performance of Dorper and Rambouillet ewes on West Texas range. Small Ruminant Research. 185, 106065-106065.
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  • Tolleson, D. R., Rhodes, E. C., Malambo, L., Angerer, J. P., Redden, R. R., Treadwell, M. L., & Popescu, S. C. (2019). Old School and High Tech: A Comparison of Methods to Quantify Ashe Juniper Biomass as Fuel or Forage. Rangelands. 41(4), 159-168.
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