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My research interests include accounting and disclosure in regulated environments, executive compensation, and accounting for risk.

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Academic Articles22
  • McAnally, M. L (2013). Introduction. 28(2), 321-322.
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  • McAnally, M. L., McGuire, S. T., & Weaver, C. D. (2010). Assessing the Financial Reporting Consequences of Conversion to IFRS: The Case of Equity-Based Compensation. ACCOUNTING HORIZONS. 24(4), 589-621.
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  • Ahmed, A. S., McAnally, M. L., Rasmussen, S., & Weaver, C. D. (2010). How costly is the Sarbanes Oxley Act? Evidence on the effects of the Act on corporate profitability. Journal of Corporate Finance. 16(3), 352-369.
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  • Koonce, L., Lipe, M. G., & McAnally, M. L. (2008). Investor reactions to derivative use and outcomes. REVIEW OF ACCOUNTING STUDIES. 13(4), 571-597.
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  • McAnally, M. L., Srivastava, A., & Weaver, C. D. (2008). Executive stock options, missed earnings targets, and earnings management. ACCOUNTING REVIEW. 83(1), 185-216.
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  • Easton, P. D., Wild, J. J., Halsey, R. F., & Mcanally, M. L. (2015). Financial Accounting for MBAs, 6e. Cambridge Business Publishers.
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  • Easton, P. D., McAnally, M. L., Sommers, G. A., & Zhang, X (2015). Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation.
  • Easton, P. D., Halsey, R. F., McAnally, M. L., & Hartgraves, A. L (2014). Financial and Managerial Accounting Form MBA's. Ingram.
  • Engel, E. E., Hirst, D. E., & McAnally, M. L (2012). Cases in Financial Reporting.
Conference Papers1
  • Hodder, L., Mayew, W. J., McAnally, M. L., & Weaver, C. D. (2006). Employee stock option fair-value estimates: Do managerial discretion and incentives explain accuracy?. CONTEMPORARY ACCOUNTING RESEARCH. 23(4), 933-975.
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