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My research has been in the areas of offshore measurements, experimental wave kinematics, dredging and dredged material


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  • Ariyanonthaka, K., Taylor, J., & Randall, R. (2017). They race submarines, don't they?. Marine Technology. 54(1), 28-36.
  • Henriksen, J., Randall, R., & Socolofsky, S. (2012). Near-Field Resuspension Model for a Cutter Suction Dredge. Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering. 138(3), 181-191.
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  • Koo, B. J., Kim, M. H., & Randall, R. E. (2004). Mathieu instability of a spar platform with mooring and risers. Ocean Engineering. 31(17-18), 2175-2208.
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  • Koo, B. J., Kim, M. H., & Randall, R. E. (2004). The effect of nonlinear multi-contact coupling with gap between risers and guide frames on global spar motion analysis. Ocean Engineering. 31(11-12), 1469-1502.
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Conference Papers24
  • Gadgil, A. A., & Randall, R. E. (2017). Two Phase Annular Flow Approximation Using 1-D Flow Equations Coupled With a Drift Flux Model for Concurrent Flow in Vertical or Near Vertical Channels. Volume 5A: Pipelines, Risers, and Subsea Systems, ASME 2017 36th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering. 5A-2017, v05at04a048-v05at04a048.
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  • Mukti, M. H., & Randall, R. E. (2017). Graphic method for improved Indonesian navy submarine design acquisition; The investigation of small (midget) naval submarine development. RINA, Royal Institution of Naval Architects - Warship 2017: Naval Submarines and UUV''s.
  • Sultan, N. J., Sampath, A., Randall, R. E., Zhi, Y., & Luai, A. (2013). Kodiak Pier 3 - Ship motion tests for a solid fill and pile supported pier. Ports 2013: Success Through Diversification - Proceedings of the 13th Triennial International Conference. 560-569.
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  • Randall, R., & Yeh, P. (2013). Estimating production and booster pump location for long distance pumping. Proceedings WODCON XX - Congress and Exhibition: The Art of Dredging.
  • Burris, D., MacMillan, A., & Randall, R. E. (2012). Discussion. Transactions - Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. 119, 311-313.
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