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I'm interested in all aspects of network and system security. To solve practical security problems, I use networking and system techniques, as well as applied cryptography, machine learning, probability/statistics, information theory, etc.

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  • Zhang, J., Notani, J., & Gu, G. (2015). Characterizing google hacking: A first large-scale quantitative study. Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, LNICST. (pp. 602-622).
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  • Yang, C., & Gu, G. (2013). Security in wireless local area networks. Wireless Network Security: Theories and Applications. (pp. 39-58).
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  • Gu, G. (2011). Botnet Detection in Enterprise Networks. van Tilborg, H., & Jajodia, S. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security. (pp. 166-168). Springer Us.
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  • Dagon, D., Gu, G., & Lee, C. P. (2008). A Taxonomy of Botnet Structures. Lee, W., Wang, C., & Dagon, D. (Eds.), Botnet Detection: Countering the Largest Security Threat. (pp. 143-164). Springer Us.
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