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Research areas include actively seeking to reduce the environmental impact of poultry production primarily by seeking improvements in nutrient utilization. Strategies include seeking improvements in ingredient processing and feed manufacture, evaluation of alternate rearing/feeding strategies such a continuous multiphase feeding, dietary incorporation of exogenous enzymes, use of prebiotic materials such as mannan oligosaccharides (MOS), and use of antibiotic like growth promoters.

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  • Johnson, C. N., Hashim, M. M., Bailey, C. A., Byrd, J. A., Kogut, M. H., & Arsenault, R. J. (2020). Feeding of yeast cell wall extracts during a necrotic enteritis challenge enhances cell growth, survival and immune signaling in the jejunum of broiler chickens. POULTRY SCIENCE. 99(6), 2955-2966.
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  • Al-Ajeeli, M. N., Hubert, S. M., Leyva-Jimenez, H., Hashim, M. M., Abdaljaleel, R. A., Alsadwi, A. M., Athrey, G., & Bailey, C. A. (2020). Impacts of Dietary Protein and Prebiotic Inclusion on Liver and Spleen Gene Expression in Hy-Line Brown Caged Layers. ANIMALS. 10(3), 453-453.
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  • Leyva-Jimenez, H., Khan, M., Gardner, K., Abdaljaleel, R. A., Al-Jumaa, Y., Alsadwi, A. M., & Bailey, C. A. (2019). Developing a novel oral vitamin D3 intake bioassay to re-evaluate the vitamin D3 requirement for modern broiler chickens.. POULTRY SCIENCE. 98(9), 3770-3776.
  • Leyva-Jimenez, H., Gardner, K., AL-Jumaa, Y., Padgett, J., & Bailey, C. (2019). Partial Replacement of Dietary Cholecalciferol with 25-Hydroxycholecalciferol on Broiler Chickens Subjected to a Coccidiosis Vaccine Challenge. The Journal of Applied Poultry Research. 28(3), 743-754.
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  • Hashim, M. M., Leyva‐Jimenez, H. E., Al‐Ajeeli, M. N., Jameel, Y. J., Gaydos, T. A., & Bailey, C. A. (2019). Performance of broilers fed diets supplemented with two yeast cell wall strains using two feeding strategies. Veterinary Medicine and Science. 5(3), 435-441.
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Conference Papers10
  • Narciso-Gaytan, C., Bailey, C. A., Sams, A. K., & Sanchez-Plata, M. X. (2006). Dietary lipid source and vitamin E effect on lipid oxidation stability of cooked chicken patties. POULTRY SCIENCE. 85, 115-115.
  • Zhang, C., Cartwright, A. L., Carey, J. B., & Bailey, C. A. (2004). Application of guar hull by-product as a full-fed molting supplement. POULTRY SCIENCE. 83, 83-83.
  • Zhang, C., Cartwright, A. L., Carey, J. B., & Bailey, C. A. (2004). Evaluation of guar by-products in high production laying hen diets. POULTRY SCIENCE. 83, 105-105.
  • Stipanovic, R. D., Bailey, C. A., Kim, H. L., Kubena, L. F., & Macedo, R. (1999). Effect of (+)- and (-)-gossypol in cottonseed on the performance of three-week-old broiler chickens. 546-547.
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