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Professor and Extension Specialist

Dr. Hale interprets and extends information on diet/health, food safety, livestock growth and meat science to consumers, youth, health professionals, retailers, food service managers, packers, processors and livestock producers. He also performs industry applied meat science research, and he is a member of the faculty of food science and technology. Hale has worked with the National Consumer Retail Beef Study, the National Market Basket Survey and the Beef Tenderness Survey, which examined supplies of beef offered at the retail meat case and determined what consumers want in meat products. He also contributes information to many national consumer magazines. Hale is a member of the Texas FoodSafe team, an interdisciplinary group of Extension specialists who examine human food safety issues and agricultural practices. He also works in the area of beef quality assurance, coordinating a web-cd interactive training program.

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Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service; Animal Science; 2471 TAMUS
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