My research interests are broadly in the area of graphics, with specific emphasis on geometric modeling and simulation.

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Academic Articles31
  • Sander, P. V., & Keyser, J. (2016). Guest Editor's Introduction to the Special Section on the ACM Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D). IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics. 22(10), 2214-2214.
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  • Han, D., & Keyser, J. (2016). Effect of Low-level Visual Details in Perception of Deformation. COMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM. 35(2), 375-383.
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  • Xu, S., & Keyser, J. (2016). Statistical geometric computation on tolerances for dimensioning. Computer-Aided Design. 70, 193-201.
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  • Xu, S., & Keyser, J. (2014). Geometric computation and optimization on tolerance dimensioning. Computer-Aided Design. 46(1), 129-137.
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  • Biggers, K., & Keyser, J. (2012). Inference-based surface reconstruction of cluttered environments.. IEEE Trans Vis Comput Graph. 18(8), 1255-1267.
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Conference Papers60
  • Xu, S., Li, H., & Keyser, J. (2019). Field-Aware Parameterization for 3D Painting. ADVANCES IN COMPUTER GRAPHICS, CGI 2019. 11542, 131-142.
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  • Miller, D. E., Shah, R. S., Wencong Zhang, .., Jaewook Yoo, .., Jaerock Kwon, .., Mayerich, D., ... Yoonsuck Choe. (2016). Fast submicrometer-scale imaging of whole zebrafish using the knife-edge scanning microscope.. Annu Int Conf IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc, 2016 38th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC). 2016, 5901-5904.
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  • Han, D., & Keyser, J. (2015). Effect of appearance on perception of deformation. Proceedings of the 14th ACM SIGGRAPH / Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation, Proceedings of the 14th ACM SIGGRAPH / Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation. 37-44.
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  • Das, S. L., Keyser, J., & Choe, Y. (2015). Random-Forest-Based Automated Cell Detection in Knife-Edge Scanning Microscope Rat Nissl Data. 2015 INTERNATIONAL JOINT CONFERENCE ON NEURAL NETWORKS (IJCNN), 2015 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN). 2015-September, 1-8.
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  • Zhang, W., Yoo, J., Keyser, J., Abbott, L. C., & Choe, Y. (2015). REAL-TIME DETECTION OF IMAGING ERRORS IN THE KNIFE-EDGE SCANNING MICROSCOPE THROUGH CHANGE DETECTION. 2015 IEEE 12TH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON BIOMEDICAL IMAGING (ISBI), 2015 IEEE 12th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI). 2015-July, 177-181.
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