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Instructional Associate Professor/Public Services Reference Librarian

I am a maverick and interdiscipinary thinker. I am creative and analytical, starting out in the creative arts but finding my professional calling in librarianship. I love to learn about all types of things, which explains my diverse education but also my intense desire to see the value and connections among all types of knowledge. I write creatively and academically, and I like to sing as well. I also enjoy watching films, mostly foreign and independent. I believe, like Aristotle, that it is important to maintain a sense of wonder when approaching knowledge and the world.


I believe each reference transaction is unique and relies on dialogic interaction on multiple levels. I believe in a maieutic reference process, guiding the patron to his/her own information realization and true inquiry need. I believe reference is a noble calling, a shared information discovery with humanity that allows us to broaden and expand our worldviews.


Artificial intelligence and usage for information retrieval

Rhetorical arguments between container and content in library studies - preservation of artifact vs. reader response

Horizon technologies for information storage and retrieval

Night librarianship

Enhancing and personalizing the reference transaction


Library instructional technology and database searching

Library Science 102 - Introduction to Information Research (credit class)

Bibliographic instruction for a variety of classes

Library resources and OPAC instruction

RefWorks and bibliographic management systems

Course management systems and library resources

Rhetoric (convincing, persuasive, mediation, editorial, and other arguments)

Expository Writing (evaluation, information, position, analysis papers, etc.)

Composition (entry-level to advanced)

Literature (Foreign, British, American)


selected publications
Academic Articles6
  • Stephens, J., Melgoza, P., Hubbard, D. E., Pearson, C. J., & Wan, G. (2018). Embedded Information Literacy Instruction for Upper Level Engineering Undergraduates in an Intensive Writing Course. Science & Technology Libraries. 37(4), 377-393.
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  • Pearson, C. J. (2015). Achieving a WorkLife Balance. The Reference Librarian. (1), 82.
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  • Pearson, C. J (2014). Customer Types and the Empathetic Response. The Reference Librarian. 55(3), 256-261.
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  • Pearson, C. J (2014). Maximizing the Evening/Night Reference Transaction. The Reference Librarian. 55(2), 175-179.
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