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My main research interest is to apply genomics and molecular genetics to crop improvement. Current research topics include genomics of abiotic stress tolerance in warm-season turfgrass, gene regulatory networks underlying CAM photosynthesis in pineapple, and sex chromosome evolution in Caricaceae.

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Academic Articles92
  • Liu, J., Chen, L., Zhou, P., Liao, Z., Lin, H., Yu, Q., & Ming, R. (2021). Sex biased expression of hormone related genes at early stage of sex differentiation in papaya flowers.. Hortic Res. 8(1), 147.
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  • Carey, S., Yu, Q., & Harkess, A. (2021). The Diversity of Plant Sex Chromosomes Highlighted through Advances in Genome Sequencing.. Genes (Basel). 12(3), 381-381.
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  • Liu, J., Han, J., Sharma, A., Wai, C. M., Ming, R., & Yu, Q. (2021). Transcriptional regulation of dosage compensation in Carica papaya.. Sci Rep. 11(1), 5854.
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  • Ma, P., Zhang, X., Chen, L., Zhao, Q., Zhang, Q., Hua, X., ... Zhang, J. (2020). Comparative analysis of sucrose phosphate synthase (SPS) gene family between Saccharum officinarum and Saccharum spontaneum.. BMC Plant Biol. 20(1), 422.
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  • Yu, Q. (2014). Physical Map of Papaya Genome. Genetics and Genomics of Papaya. 169-183. Springer New York.
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  • Ming, R., Yu, Q., & Moore, P. H. (2012). Papaya Genome and Genomics. Genomics of Tree Crops. 241-259. Springer New York.
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  • Ming, R., Yu, Q., Blas, A., Chen, C., Na, J., & Moore, P. H. (2008). Genomics of Papaya a Common Source of Vitamins in the Tropics. Moore, P. H., & Ming, R. (Eds.), Genomics of Tropical Crop Plants. 405-420. Springer New York.
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Conference Papers5
  • Lin, Q., Singh, R., & Yu, Q. (2019). Isolation and characterization of translation initiation factor 4E in Carica papaya and Vasconcellea species. Acta Horticulturae. 1250(1250), 39-44.
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  • yu, q., hou, s., feltus, f. a., jones, m. r., murray, j. e., & others. (2007). Recent origin of papaya sex chromosomes.
  • blas, a. l., yu, Q., sipes, B., miyasaka, s. c., & ming, R. (2006). Characterization of soil microbial communities using 16S rDNA ribosomal sequence tags.. 38(2), 263-263.
  • jones, m. r., byers, A., skelton, r. l., yu, Q., nagai, C., moore, p. h., & ming, R. (2006). Construction of an arabica coffee BAC library for molecular dissection of an allotetraploid genome. 211, 49-49.
  • Alvarez, A. M., Trotter, K. J., Swafford, M. B., Berestecky, J. M., & Yu, Q. (2005). Characterization and detection of Ralstonia solanacearum strains causing bacterial wilt of ginger in Hawaii.. Bacterial wilt disease and the Ralstonia solanacearum species complex 2005. 471-477.
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