My research focuses on protecting water resources while maintaining agricultural production goals in semi-arid cropping systems. Research topics include evaluating tillage and water management strategies and crop rotation options in various cropping systems to improve nutrient and water use efficiencies, carbon and nutrient cycling, crop yields, and subsequent soil water storage. Working directly with producers and private and/or government agencies is crucial to identifying applied research goals and transferring results to engaged stakeholders.

selected publications
Academic Articles32
  • Pilon, C., Moore, P. A., Pote, D. H., Martin, J. W., Owens, P. R., Ashworth, A. J., Miller, D. M., & DeLaune, P. B. (2019). Grazing Management and Buffer Strip Impact on Nitrogen Runoff from Pastures Fertilized with Poultry Litter.. J Environ Qual. 48(2), 297-304.
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  • Teague, R., DeLaune, P. B., & Dowhower, S. L. (2019). Impacts of over-seeding bermudagrass pasture with multispecies cover crops on soil water availability, microbiology, and nutrient status in North Texas. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. 273, 117-129.
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  • D. McDonald, M., L. Lewis, K., L. Ritchie, G., B. DeLaune, P., D. Casey, K., & C. Slaughter, L. (2019). Carbon dioxide mitigation potential of conservation agriculture in a semi-arid agricultural region. AIMS Agriculture and Food. 4(1), 206-222.
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  • Lewis, K. L., Burke, J. A., Keeling, W. S., McCallister, D. M., DeLaune, P. B., & Keeling, J. W. (2018). Soil Benefits and Yield Limitations of Cover Crop Use in Texas High Plains Cotton. Agronomy Journal. 110(4), 1616-1623.
  • Anderson, K. R., Moore, P. A., Miller, D. M., DeLaune, P. B., Edwards, D. R., Kleinman, P., & Cade-Menun, B. J. (2018). Phosphorus Leaching from Soil Cores from a Twenty-Year Study Evaluating Alum Treatment of Poultry Litter.. J Environ Qual. 47(3), 530-537.
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Conference Papers1
  • Moore, P. A., Formica, S. J., Van Epps, M., & DeLaune, P. B. (2005). Effect of pasture renovation on nutrient runoff from pastures fertilized with manure. Livestock Environment VII - Proceedings of the Seventh International Symposium. 301-308.
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