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  • Castro, F., Bendig, C., Bérubé, M., Borrero, R., Budsberg, N., Dostal, C., ... Yamafune, K. (2017). Recording, Publishing, and Reconstructing Wooden Shipwrecks. Journal of Maritime Archaeology. 13(1), 55-66.
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  • Yamafune, K., Torres, R., & Castro, F. (2017). Multi-Image Photogrammetry to Record and Reconstruct Underwater Shipwreck Sites. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory. 24(3), 703-725.
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  • Budsberg, N., Jobling, J., & Castro, F. (2016). The Rio Grande do Norte Astrolabe. International Journal of Historical Archaeology. 20(2), 405-421.
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  • Castro, F., & Capulli, M. (2016). A Preliminary report of recording the Stella 1 Roman River Barge, Italy. International Journal of Nautical Archaeology. 45(1), 29-41.
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  • Castro, F., Budsberg, N., Jobling, J., & Passen, A. (2015). The Astrolabe Project. Journal of Maritime Archaeology. 10(3), 205-234.
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