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We are studying transcriptional regulation and the genomics of the mammary gland and the role of epigenetic events during mammary gland development and lactation. We use various genomics approaches to mammary gland biology and my laboratory has been using ChIP-seq, DNase-seq, ATAC-seq and other epigenomic approaches to determine chromosomal states at different developmental time points to determine the role of epigenetic regulation in mammary gland development and understand gene regulation in the mammary gland in general. We use transgenic mouse models to study gene regulation in mammary gland development and lactation.

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  • Elswood, J., Pearson, S. J., Payne, H. R., Barhoumi, R., Rijnkels, M., & W Porter, W. (2021). Autophagy regulates functional differentiation of mammary epithelial cells.. Autophagy. 17(2), 420-438.
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  • Pearson, S. J., Elswood, J., Barhoumi, R., Ming-Whitfield, B., Rijnkels, M., & Porter, W. W. (2019). Loss of SIM2s inhibits RAD51 binding and leads to unresolved replication stress.. Breast Cancer Res. 21(1), 125.
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  • Fang, X., Ni, N., Lydon, J. P., Ivanov, I., Bayless, K. J., Rijnkels, M., & Li, Q. (2019). Enhancer of Zeste 2 Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 Subunit Is Required for Uterine Epithelial Integrity.. Am J Pathol. 189(6), 1212-1225.
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  • Pearson, S. J., Roy Sarkar, T., McQueen, C. M., Elswood, J., Schmitt, E. E., Wall, S. W., ... Porter, W. W. (2019). ATM-dependent activation of SIM2s regulates homologous recombination and epithelial-mesenchymal transition.. Oncogene. 38(14), 2611-2626.
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  • McQueen, C. M., Schmitt, E. E., Sarkar, T. R., Elswood, J., Metz, R. P., Earnest, D., Rijnkels, M., & Porter, W. W. (2018). PER2 regulation of mammary gland development.. Development. 145(6), dev157966.
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