My research interests include econometrics, applied microeconomics, development economics and labor economics.

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  • Lin, J., Wu, X., & Yang, P. (2022). Dynamic dependence and risk spillovers between RMB onshore spot and offshore NDF markets. APPLIED ECONOMICS. 54(60), 6850-6862.
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  • Chen, Y., Lin, J., & Wu, X. (2022). Revisiting the return-volatility relationship of exchange rates: New evidence from offshore RMB. PACIFIC ECONOMIC REVIEW. 27(3), 277-294.
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  • Wu, W., Wu, X., Zhang, Y. Y., & Leatham, D. (2021). Gaussian process modeling of nonstationary crop yield distributions with applications to crop insurance. AGRICULTURAL FINANCE REVIEW. 81(5), 767-783.
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  • Li, D., Wang, L., & Wu, X. (2021). Bayesian estimation of bidding process and bidder's preference under shape restrictions. EMPIRICAL ECONOMICS. 60(1), 157-176.
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  • Bessler, D. A., McCarl, B. A., Wu, X., & Love, H. A. (2014). Quantitative Methods in Agricultural Economics. Encyclopedia of Agriculture and Food Systems. 1-10. Elsevier.
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