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My research focuses on securities, securities-related issues, and accounting topics.

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  • Newman, N (2018). Regulation A+: New and Improved After the JOBS Act or a Failed Revival?. Virginia Law and Business Review. 12(2), 243-285.
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  • Newman, N. F. (2015). Let Sleeping Regs Lie: A Diatribe on Regulation A's Futility Before and After the J.O.B.S. Act. University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law. (1), 65-117.
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  • Newman, N. F (2014). One Worldwide Set of Global Accounting Standards? - HMM. Hastings Business Law Journal. 10(1), 37-70.
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  • Newman, N. F (2009). The U.S. Move to International Accounting Standards - A Matter of Cultural Discord - How Do We Reconcile?. University of Memphis Law Review. 39(4), 835-879.
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