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Postdoctoral Research Associate
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Academic Articles5
  • Chen, X., Feng, F., Qi, W., Xu, L., Yao, D., Wang, Q., & Song, R (2017). Dek35 Encodes a PPR Protein that Affects cis-Splicing of Mitochondrial nad4 Intron 1 and Seed Development in Maize.. Mol Plant. 10(3), 427-441.
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  • Wang, G., Wang, G., Wang, J., Du, Y., Yao, D., Shuai, B., ... Song, R (2016). Comprehensive proteomic analysis of developing protein bodies in maize (Zea mays) endosperm provides novel insights into its biogenesis.. J Exp Bot. 67(22), 6323-6335.
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  • Yao, D., Qi, W., Li, X., Yang, Q., Yan, S., Ling, H., ... Song, R (2016). Maize opaque10 Encodes a Cereal-Specific Protein That Is Essential for the Proper Distribution of Zeins in Endosperm Protein Bodies.. PLoS Genet. 12(8), e1006270-e1006270.
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  • Qi, W., Zhu, J., Wu, Q., Wang, Q., Li, X., Yao, D., ... Song, R (2016). Maize reas1 Mutant Stimulates Ribosome Use Efficiency and Triggers Distinct Transcriptional and Translational Responses.. Plant Physiol. 170(2), 971-988.
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  • Wang, G., Qi, W., Wu, Q., Yao, D., Zhang, J., Zhu, J., ... Song, R (2014). Identification and Characterization of Maize floury4 as a Novel Semidominant Opaque Mutant That Disrupts Protein Body Assembly.. Plant Physiol. 165(2), 582-594.
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