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My training is in chemical education, one of the divisions recognized by the American Chemical Society. In addition to teaching in the 101-102 chemistry program, I teach graduate-level chemical education courses. These courses are of two types; those for graduate chemical education students and those for teachers. My research area is in chemical education, research, which is inseparable from teaching. Chemical education research involves: (a) the development of teaching strategies and/or curriculum and the testing of the relative effectiveness of the strategy or curriculum via statistical analysis and (b) investigations into the nature of the student-learner in our chemistry classes.

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Academic Articles17
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  • Alivio, T., Howard, E., Mamiya, B., & Williamson, V. M. (2020). How Does a Math Review Impact a Student’s Arithmetic Skills and Performance in First-Semester General Chemistry?. 29(6), 703-712.
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  • Powell, C. B., Simpson, J., Williamson, V. M., Dubrovskiy, A., Walker, D. R., Jang, B., Shelton, G. R., & Mason, D (2020). Impact of arithmetic automaticity on students' success in second-semester general chemistry. Chemistry Education Research and Practice. 21(4), 1028-1041.
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  • Williamson, V. M., Walker, D. R., Chuu, E., Broadway, S., Mamiya, B., Powell, C. B., ... Mason, D (2020). Impact of basic arithmetic skills on success in first-semester general chemistry. Chemistry Education Research and Practice. 21(1), 51-61.
  • Cosio, M. N., & Williamson, V. M. (2019). Timing of Homework Completion vs. Performance in General Chemistry. 28(5), 523-531.
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Conference Papers38
  • Hinze, S. R., Williamson, V. M., & Williamson, K. C (2014). Administering cognitive tests in-class and on-line: Are there the links between these tests and grades in a chemistry course?. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 247,
  • Williamson, V. M., Casillas, C., & Zumalt, C. (2014). Student impressions, attitudes, and perceived learning with two homework systems. 247,
  • Williamson, V. M., Watkins, J. T., & Williamson, K. C. (2013). The Effect of Student-Constructed Animations versus Storyboards on Students Mental Rotation Ability, Equilibrium Content Knowledge, and Attitudes. PEDAGOGIC ROLES OF ANIMATIONS AND SIMULATIONS IN CHEMISTRY COURSES. 1142, 293-311.
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