My research focuses on curriculum development, geography, history, the history of education, and program evaluation.

selected publications
Academic Articles25
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  • Burlbaw, L. M. (2020). Add a Teacher-Led Stimulation to Your Lecturing Techniques. The Social Studies. 82(1), 30-31.
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  • Kocabas, S., Ozfidan, B., & Burlbaw, L. M. (2020). American STEM Education in Its Global, National, and Linguistic Contexts. Eurasia Journal of Mathematics Science and Technology Education. 16(1),
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Repository Documents / Preprints1
  • Earhart, A., Ives, M., Burkart, P., Ezell, M., Harner, J., Ramasubramanian, S., ... Vedlitz, A. (2009). Texas Center for Digital Humanities and New Media.
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