My research focuses on applied analysis and scientific computation.

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Academic Articles58
  • Li, Z., Wang, Z., & Zhou, J. (2017). A New Augmented Singular Transform and its Partial Newton-Correction Method for Finding More Solutions. Journal of Scientific Computing. 71(2), 634-659.
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  • Li, M., & Zhou, J. (2017). Finding Gateaux-Saddles by a Local Minimax Method. Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization. 38(2), 205-223.
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  • Xie, Z., Yi, W., & Zhou, J. (2015). An augmented singular transform and its partial Newton method for finding new solutions. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics. 286, 145-157.
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  • Wang, C., & Zhou, J. (2015). A New Approach for Numerically Solving Nonlinear Eigensolution Problems. Journal of Scientific Computing. 64(1), 109-129.
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  • Chen, X., & Zhou, J. (2015). Estimate of Morse index of cooperative elliptic systems and its application to spatial vector solitons. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics. 281, 169-181.
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  • Chen, G., & Zhou, J. (2010). BOUNDARY ELEMENT METHODS WITH APPLICATIONS TO NONLINEAR PROBLEMS 2nd edition. Springer Science & Business Media.
  • Chen, G., Lasiecka, I., & Zhou, J. (2001). Control Of Nonlinear Distributed Parameter Systems. CRC Press.
  • Chen, G., & Zhou, J. (1992). Boundary element methods. Academic Press.
  • Chen, G., Hsu, S., & Zhou, J. (2003). Chaotic Vibration of the Wave Equation with Nonlinear Feedback Boundary Control: Progress and Open Questions. LECTURE NOTES IN CONTROL AND INFORMATION SCIENCES. Chen, G., & Yu, X. (Eds.), Chaos Control. 25-50. Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
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Conference Papers4
  • Ji, L., & Zhou, J. (1990). The boundary element method for boundary control of the linear Stokes flow. Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control. 3, 1192-1194.
  • Zhou, J. (1989). Computations of eigenfunctions and eigenfrequencies of two dimensional vibrating structures by the boundary element method. Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control. 3, 2045-2049.
  • Chen, G., & Zhou, J. (1987). COMPUTING OPTIMAL BOUNDARY CONTROLS OF A PLATE BY THE BOUNDARY ELEMENT METHOD.. Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control. 992-996.
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