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  • Meegan, J., Dunn, J. L., Venn-Watson, S. K., Smith, C. R., Sidor, I., Jensen, E. D., ... Romano, T. A. (2012). Serologic response in bottlenose dolphins Tursiops truncatus infected with Brucella sp. using a dolphin-specific indirect ELISA.. Dis Aquat Organ. 102(1), 73-85.
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  • Ficht, T. (2010). Corrigendum. 5(8), 1299-1299.
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  • Ficht, T. (2010). Brucella taxonomy and evolution. 5(6), 859-866.
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  • Jupiter, D., Ficht, T., Qin, Q., Rice-Ficht, A., Samuel, J., & de Figueiredo, P. (2010). Genomic polymorphisms as inherent watermarks for tracking infectious agents.. Front Microbiol. 1(SEP), 109.
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  • Roln, H. G., den Hartigh, A. B., Kahl-McDonagh, M., Ficht, T., Adams, L. G., & Tsolis, R. M. (2008). VirB12 is a serological marker of Brucella infection in experimental and natural hosts.. Clin Vaccine Immunol. (2),
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  • Ficht, T. A., & Adams, L. G. (2009). Brucellosis. Vaccines for Biodefense and Emerging and Neglected Diseases. 807-829. Elsevier.
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