My research addresses production scheduling, especially in the field of robotic cell scheduling; supply chain management, focusing on the coordination of the manufacturing and delivery functions through scheduling; and currency supply chains in different countries.

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  • Youn, S., Geismar, H. N., Sriskandarajah, C., & Tiwari, V. (2022). Adaptive Capacity Planning for Ambulatory Surgery Centers. M&SOM-MANUFACTURING & SERVICE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT. 24(6), 1-23.
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  • Geismar, H. N., McCarl, B. A., & Searcy, S. W. (2022). Optimal design and operation of a second-generation biofuels supply chain. IISE TRANSACTIONS. 54(4), 390-404.
  • Youn, S., Geismar, H. N., & Pinedo, M. (2022). Planning and scheduling in healthcare for better care coordination: Current understanding, trending topics, and future opportunities. PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT. 31(12), 4407-4423.
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  • Geismar, H. N., Huang, Y., Pillai, S. D., Sriskandarajah, C., & Youn, S. (2020). Location-Routing with Conflicting Objectives: Coordinating eBeam Phytosanitary Treatment and Distribution of Mexican Import Commodities. PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT. 29(6), 1506-1531.
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  • Abbey, J. D., Geismar, H. N., & Souza, G. C. (2019). Improving Remanufacturing Core Recovery and Profitability Through Seeding. PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT. 28(3), 610-627.
  • Dawande, M. W., Geismar, H. N., Sethi, S. P., & Sriskandarajah, C. (2007). Throughput Optimization in Robotic Cells. Springer Science & Business Media.
  • Geismar, N. (2011). Single Machine Scheduling. Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science. Wiley.
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  • Rajamani, D., Geismar, N., & Sriskandarajah, C. (2015). A Framework to Analyze Cash Supply Chains.
  • Jung, K. S., Dawande, M., Geismar, N., Guide, V., & Sriskandarajah, C. (2014). Supply Planning Models for a Remanufacturer Under Just-in-Time Manufacturing Environment with Reverse Logistics.
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