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Sonia Hernandez began teaching at Texas A&M University in the Fall of 2014. Dr. Hernandez specializes in the intersections of gender and labor in the U.S.-Mexican Borderlands, Chicana/o history, and Modern Mexico. She has award-winning publications in English and Spanish.

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  • Hernandez, S. (2021). Rooted in Place, Constructed in Movement: Transnational Labor Solidarities in the Texas-Mexico Borderlands. LABOR-STUDIES IN WORKING-CLASS HISTORY OF THE AMERICAS. 18(1), 38-53.
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  • Hernandez, S. (2021). War and Peace on the Rio Grande Frontier, 1830-1880.. SOUTHWESTERN HISTORICAL QUARTERLY. 124(4), 485-486.
  • Hernandez, S. (2020). From Angel to Office Worker: Middle-Class Identity and Female Consciousness in Mexico, 1890-1950. LABOR-STUDIES IN WORKING-CLASS HISTORY OF THE AMERICAS. 17(1), 164-166.
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  • Hernandez, S. (2019). Women in Mexican Politics: A Study of Representation in a Renewed Federal and Democratic State. JOURNAL OF LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES. 51(4), 939-941.
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  • Hernandez, S. (2019). Redeeming La Raza: Transborder Modernity, Race, Respectability, and Rights. SOUTHWESTERN HISTORICAL QUARTERLY. 122(4), 479-480.
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  • Hernandez, S. (2017). Mujeres, Trabajo y Regin Fronteriza. Secretara de Cultura, INEHRM, ITCA.
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  • Hernndez, S., & Evans, S. (2014). Working women into the borderlands.
  • Hernandez, S. (2022). Por un compatriota: Gregorio Cortez, State-Sanctioned Violence, and the Forging of an Unlikely Alliance. Torget, A., & Gurza-Lavalle, G. (Eds.), These Ragged Edges: Histories of Violence Along the U. S. -Mexico Border. 215-239. University of North Carolina Press.
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  • Hernandez, S., & Gonzalez, J. M. (2021). Introduction: Memory, Violence, and History in the 1919 Canales Investigation. REVERBERATIONS OF RACIAL VIOLENCE: CRITICAL REFLECTIONS ON THE HISTORY OF THE BORDER. 1-19.
  • Hernndez, S. (2017). From the golden age of cotton to Sorghum: Mexican women's Labor in agro- industries along the Texas- Tamaulipas Borderlands. Farming Across Borders: A Transnational History of the North American West. 265-284.
  • Hernandez, S. (2016). Chicanas in the US-Mexican Borderlands: Transborder Conversations of Feminism and Anarchism, 1905-1938. Blanton, C. K. (Eds.), PROMISING PROBLEM. 135-160. UT Press.
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  • Hernandez, S. (2015). Las Obreras de Monterrey: Trabajo y activismo femenino en la industria de ropa, 1930-1940. Porter, S. S., & Aceves, M. (Eds.), Gnero en la encrucijada de la historia social y cultural de Mxico. Colegio de Michoacn & CIESAS.
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