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Mechanical forces are known to stimulate a number of cell signaling pathways, including those initiated by or resulting in ion channel activation. My recent research in cardiovascular and neuronal systems focuses on: (1) Which ion channels are activated by mechanical stress; (2) Which ion channels are modulated by integrins; (3) How integrin-mediated signaling pathways modulate ion channel function and mechanotransduction in physiological and pathological conditions; (4) Epilepsy study, Neurosteroids and New Drug Development.

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  • Wu, X., Sun, Z., Meininger, G. A., & Muthuchamy, M. (2012). Application of Atomic Force Microscopy Measurements on Cardiovascular Cells. Peng, X., & Antonyak, M. (Eds.), Cardiovascular Development Methods and Protocols. (pp. 229-244). Humana Press.
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  • Gui, P., Chao, J., Wu, X., Yang, Y., Davis, G. E., & Davis, M. J. (2010). Coordinated Regulation of Vascular Ca2+ and K+ Channels by Integrin Signaling. MATHEMATICAL MODELLING IN EXPERIMENTAL NUTRITION. Becchetti, A., & Arcangeli, A. (Eds.), Integrins and Ion Channels. (pp. 69-79). Springer New York.
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