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  • Brooks, A., Shoup, D., Kustigian, L., Puchalla, J., Carr, C. M., & Rye, H. S. (2015). Single particle fluorescence burst analysis of epsin induced membrane fission.. PLoS One. 10(3), e0119563-e0119563.
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  • Krantz, K. C., Puchalla, J., Thapa, R., Kobayashi, C., Bisher, M., Viehweg, J., Carr, C. M., & Rye, H. S (2013). Clathrin coat disassembly by the yeast Hsc70/Ssa1p and auxilin/Swa2p proteins observed by single-particle burst analysis spectroscopy.. J Biol Chem. 288(37), 26721-26730.
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  • Morgera, F., Sallah, M. R., Dubuke, M. L., Gandhi, P., Brewer, D. N., Carr, C. M., & Munson, M (2012). Regulation of exocytosis by the exocyst subunit Sec6 and the SM protein Sec1.. Mol Biol Cell. 23(2), 337-346.
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  • Carr, C. M., & Rizo, J (2010). At the junction of SNARE and SM protein function.. Curr Opin Cell Biol. 22(4), 488-495.
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  • Pant, S., Sharma, M., Patel, K., Caplan, S., Carr, C. M., & Grant, B. D (2009). AMPH-1/Amphiphysin/Bin1 functions with RME-1/Ehd1 in endocytic recycling.. Nat Cell Biol. 11(12), 1399-1410.
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