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  • Herman, B. C., Clough, M. P., & Rao, A. (2022). Socioscientific Issues Thinking and Action in the Midst of Science-in-the-Making.. Sci Educ (Dordr). 31(5), 1105-1139.
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  • Herman, B. C., Poor, S. V., Oertli, R. T., & Schulte, K. (2022). Promoting Young Learners' NOS Views Through Place-Based SSI Instruction. SCIENCE & EDUCATION. 1-46.
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  • Herman, B. C., Newton, M. H., & Zeidler, D. L. (2021). Impact of place-based socioscientific issues instruction on students' contextualization of socioscientific orientations. SCIENCE EDUCATION. 105(4), 585-627.
  • Herman, B. C., Olson, J. K., & Clough, M. P. (2019). The Role of Informal Support Networks in Teaching the Nature of Science. RESEARCH IN SCIENCE EDUCATION. 49(1), 191-218.
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