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My research interests lie at the intersection of economics, international business and public policy. Core topics are transfer pricing (the pricing of related party transactions), strategies and structures of multinational enterprises (MNEs), and shocks and responses (how exogenous shocks affect firm strategies and structures). Books include Taxing Multinationals (1998), Multinationals in North America (1994), Retrospectives on Public Finance (1991), Multinationals and Transfer Pricing (1985, 2017), The Ethical Professor (2018), The Economics of Transfer Pricing (2019), and Research Methods in International Business (2020).

selected publications
Academic Articles83
  • Eden, L., Indro, D. C., Miller, S. R., & Richards, M. (2021). Valuation uncertainty, home and host market uncertainty, and cross-border seasoned equity offerings. International Business Review. 30(3), 101808-101808.
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  • Eden, L., & Nielsen, B. B. (2020). Research methods in international business: The challenge of complexity.. J Int Bus Stud. 51(9), 1-12.
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  • Miller, S. R., Eden, L., & Li, D. (2020). CSR Reputation and Firm Performance: A Dynamic Approach. Journal of Business Ethics. 163(3), 619-636.
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  • Li, D., Eden, L., & Josefy, M. (2017). Agent and Task Complexity in Multilateral Alliances: The Safeguarding Role of Equity Governance. Journal of International Management. 23(3), 227-241.
  • Dai, L. i., Eden, L., & Beamish, P. W. (2017). Caught in the crossfire: Dimensions of vulnerability and foreign multinationals' exit from war‐afflicted countries. Strategic Management Journal. 38(7), 1478-1498.
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  • Eden, L., & Dobson, W. (2005). Governance, Multinationals and Growth.
  • Eden, L., & Dobson, W. (2005). Introduction and overview.
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  • Eden, L., & Miller, S. R. (2009). Revisiting Liability of Foreignness: Socio-Political Costs Facing Chinese Multinationals in the United States. Investing in the United States: Is the US Ready for FDI from China?. 122-141. Edward Elgar Publishing.
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  • Eden, L. (2009). Taxes, Transfer Pricing, and The Multinational Enterprise. Rugman, A. M. (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of International Business (2 ed.). Oxford University Press.
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  • Eden, L. (2008). The rise of TNCs from emerging markets: threat or opportunity?. The Rise of Transnational Corporations from Emerging Markets: Threat or Opportunity?. 333-338.
  • Eden, L., Lenway, S., & Schuler, D. A. (2005). From the obsolescing bargain to the political bargaining model. Grosse, R. (Eds.), International Business and Government Relations in the 21<sup>st</sup>Century. 251-272. Cambridge University Press.
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  • Eden, L., Thomas, D. E., & Olibe, K. O. (2003). Why Multinationality Matters: Exploring the L in the OLI Paradigm. Extending the Eclectic Paradigm in International Business: Essays in Honor of John Dunning. 31-54. Edward Elgar Publishing.
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Conference Papers8
  • Dai, L. i., Eden, L., & Beamish, P. (2012). External Threats and MNE Strategy: The Role of Exposure, Resources and Coping Mechanisms. Academy of Management Proceedings. 2012(1), 15322-15322.
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  • Eden, L. (2010). Letter from the Editor-in-Chief: JIBS publication criteria and their consequences. Journal of International Business Studies. 41(7), 1093-1098.
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  • Eden, L., Valdez, L., & Li, D. (2005). Talk softly but carry a big stick: transfer pricing penalties and the market valuation of Japanese multinationals in the United States. Journal of International Business Studies. 36(4), 398-414.
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  • Eden, L., & Rodriguez, P. (2004). How weak are the signals? International price indices and multinational enterprises. Journal of International Business Studies. 35(1), 61-74.
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