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  • Sargent, M. I. (2018). Laser Physics. CRC Press.
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  • Cohen, L., Vincent Poor, H., & Scully, M. O. (2012). Preface. Springer US.
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  • Agarwal, G., Schleich, W., Rempe, G., & Scully, M. (2006). Preface. Elsevier.
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  • Voronine, D. V., Sokolov, A. V., & Scully, M. O. (2017). Progress in FAST CARS Toward Quantum Biophotonics. Frontiers and Advances in Molecular Spectroscopy. (pp. 379-393). Elsevier.
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  • Muthukrishnan, A., Scully, M. O., & Suhail Zubairy, M. (2017). The concept of the photon-revisited. The Nature of Light: What is a Photon?. (pp. 37-57). CRC Press.
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  • Voronine, D. V., Altangerel, N., Fry, E. S., Kocharovskaya, O., Sokolov, A. V., Yakovlev, V. V., Zheltikov, A., & Scully, M. O. (2016). The Dawn of Quantum Biophotonics. Optics in Our Time. (pp. 147-176). Springer International Publishing.
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  • Shchedrin, G., Rostovtsev, Y., Zhang, X., & Scully, M. O. (2015). New Approach to Quantum Amplification by Superradiant Emission of Radiation. From Atomic to Mesoscale. (pp. 193-203). World Scientific.
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  • Englert, B. G., Scully, M. O., Süssmann, G., & Walther, H. (2015). Foundations of quantum mechanics: Surrealistic bohm trajectories. Quantum Paths: Festschrift in Honor of Berge Englert on his 60th Birthday. (pp. 187-198).
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