Dr. Malini Natarajarathinam joined the Industrial Distribution Program in 2007 as an Assistant Professor and is now an Associate Professor (with tenure) since 2013. Natarajarathinam received her Ph.D. in Supply Chain Management from The University in 2007. She received her Bachelor of Engineering (Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering) from Anna University [Tamilnadu, India], her MS in Industrial Engineering from Auburn University, her MA in Management Science, and MS in Applied Statistics from The University of Alabama. Before coming to Academia, she worked with several automotive companies on transportation, material handling, and decision analysis systems.

She teaches courses in strategic relationships among industrial distributors and distribution logistics. Her recent research focuses on education and learning sciences with an emphasis on Engineering and STEM fields. Her other research interests include empirical studies to assess the impact of good supply chain practices such as coordinated decision making in stochastic supply chains, handling supply chains during times of crisis, and optimizing global supply chains on the financial health of a company. She has published her research in the Journal of Business Logistics, International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, and peer-reviewed proceedings of the American Society for Engineering Education.

selected publications
Academic Articles14
  • Tucker, J., Natarajarathinam, M., & Swaminathan, S. (2017). A multi-dimensional new-market pricing paradigm. International Journal of Business Performance and Supply Chain Modelling. 9(3), 215-215.
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  • Harris, C., & Natarajarathinam, M. (2017). Optimising packaged gas inventory placement at welding supply distributors. International Journal of Business Excellence. 12(2), 193-193.
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  • Fowler, A., Natarajarathinam, M., & Patwari, K. (2016). Customer Stratification for an Industrial Distributor With a Service and Repair Business. Engineering Management Journal. 28(1), 14-24.
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  • Johnson, M. D., Sawaya, W. J., & Natarajarathinam, M. (2013). A methodology for modelling comprehensive international procurement costs. International Journal of Production Research. 51(18), 5549-5564.
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  • Natarajarathinam, M., & Nepal, B. (2012). A holistic approach to market assessment for a manufacturing company in an emerging economy. Industrial Marketing Management. 41(7), 1142-1151.
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Conference Papers25
  • Lu, W., Natarajarathinam, M., Campbell, M., McDougal, M., & Holder, L. (2018). Engagement in Practice: Engaging Undergraduate Students in a Multidisciplinary Service-Learning Environment. 2018 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition Proceedings, 2018 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition. 2018-June,
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  • Okundaye, O., Chu, S., Quek, F., Berman, A., Natarajarathinam, M., & Kuttolamadom, M. (2018). From Making to Micro-Manufacture. Proceedings of the Conference on Creativity and Making in Education, FabLearn Europe'18: Conference on Creativity and Making in Education. Part F137702, 21-29.
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  • Okundaye, O., Kuttolamadom, M., Natarajarathinam, M., Chu, S. L., & Quek, F. (2018). Motivating STEM Participation through a 'Making as Micro-manufacture (M3)' Model. 2018 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition Proceedings, 2018 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition. 2018-June,
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  • Natarajarathinam, M., Xie, L., Beyerlein, M., Boehm, R., & Zarestky, J. (2018). WIP: Emergence of Shared Leadership Dynamics during Engineering Student Design Projects. 2018 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition Proceedings, 2018 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition. 2018-June,
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  • Sandoval, M., Natarajarathinam, M., Holder, L., McDougal, M., Campbell, M., & Herbert, B. (2017). Engagement in Practice: Building service focused multidisciplinary groups to develop adaptable solutions. 2017 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition Proceedings, 2017 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition. 2017-June,
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