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My research focuses on Bio-Nano Machining, Nanostructure Science and Engineering, Nanosensors and Molecular Manipulation, Micro and Nanofluidic, and Bio-Nano hybrid devices for medical applications.

selected publications
Academic Articles65
  • Wang, M., Huang, P. J., Kameoka, J., Chou, C. K., Tsou, P. H., Yamaguchi, H., & Hung, M. C. (2017). Nanofluidic Strategies for Cancer Research. RSC Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. (pp. 114-149). Royal Society of Chemistry.
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  • Benford, M., Coté, G. L., Kameoka, J., & Wang, M. (2010). Raman detection in microchips and microchannels. Handbook of Optofluidics. (pp. 17-1-17-25). CRC Press.
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Conference Papers27
  • Kordmahale, S. B., Do, J., Chang, K., & Kameoka, J. (2019). Low Cost and Piezoelectric based Soft Wave Energy Harvester. AMORPHOUS AND NANOCRYSTALLINE SILICON SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY- 2004. 4(15), 889-895.
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  • Saghati, A. P., Kordmahale, S. B., Saghati, A. P., Kameoka, J., Entesari, K., & IEEE, .. (2016). Reconfigurable Quarter-Mode SIW Antenna Employing a Fluidically Switchable Via. 2015 IEEE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION & USNC/URSI NATIONAL RADIO SCIENCE MEETING. 845-846.
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  • Saghati, A. P., Batra, J. S., Kameoka, J., Entesari, K., & IEEE, .. (2016). A Metamaterial-inspired Miniaturized Wide-band Microwave Interferometry Sensor for liquid Chemical Detection. 2015 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium, IMS 2015. 2016-August,
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  • Marks, H., Mabbott, S., Huang, P., Jackson, G. W., Kameoka, J., Graham, D., & Cote, G. L. (2016). Comparison of Fe2O3 and Fe2CoO4 core-shell plasmonic nanoparticles for aptamer mediated SERS assays. MATHEMATICAL MODELING AND ESTIMATION TECHNIQUES IN COMPUTER VISION. 9722, 97220n-97220n-8.
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  • Walton, B., Huang, P., Kameoka, J., Deutz, N., & Coté, G. L. (2016). Development of an optofluidic SERS-based biomedical sensor. MATHEMATICAL MODELING AND ESTIMATION TECHNIQUES IN COMPUTER VISION. 9715, 97150d-97150d-7.
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