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My research is focused on developing research tools and protocols needed for the quantification and utilization of distributional characteristics of cotton fiber quality. These advancements will provide researchers with a better understanding of cotton fiber as an industrial raw material. My research also facilitates the development of germplasm that exhibits improved spinning performance along with spun yarn quality.

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  • Tesema, A. F., Abu Sayeed, M. d., Turner, C., Kelly, B. R., & Hequet, E. F. (2022). An Approach for Obtaining Stable, Reproducible, and Accurate Fibrogram Measurements from High Volume Instruments. AGRONOMY-BASEL. 12(5), 1120-1120.
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  • Sayeed, M. A., Kelly, B. R., Turner, C., & Hequet, E. F. (2022). Investigation of a Multivariate Correction Method for HVI Fibrogram Measurements. AGRONOMY-BASEL. 12(2), 460-460.
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  • Abu Sayeed, M. d., Schumann, M., Wanjura, J., Kelly, B. R., Smith, W., & Hequet, E. F. (2021). Characterizing the total within-sample variation in cotton fiber length using the High Volume Instrument fibrogram. TEXTILE RESEARCH JOURNAL. 91(1-2), 175-187.
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  • Bechere, E., Auld, D. L., Smith, C. W., Cantrell, R. G., Hequet, E. F., Ritchie, G. L., ... Kelly, B. R. (2020). Registration of six upland cotton germplasm lines with improved fiber quality through ethyl methane sulfonate treatments and selection. JOURNAL OF PLANT REGISTRATIONS. 14(2), 159-164.
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  • Morais, J., Kelly, B. R., Sayeed, A., & Hequet, E. F. (2020). Effects of non-lint material on heritability estimates of cotton fiber length parameters. EUPHYTICA. 216(2), 24.
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