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My research includes studying the cellular immune response of target leukocytes to cytomegalovirus infection in the fetal-placental unit and also the mechanism of CMV deafness of the developing fetus in utero. I also have a long term interest in the relationship of cancer to viral infections and will investigate the potential link of CMV and other herpesviruses to specific types of cancer.

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  • McGregor, A., Choi, K. Y., Schachtele, S., & Lokensgard, J. (2013). Human Herpesviruses and Animal Models. Animal Models for the Study of Human Disease. (pp. 905-925). Academic Press.
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  • McGregor, A., Yeon Choi, K., & Sung, H. (2012). Antiviral and vaccine strategies against cytomegalovirus: Current therapies and future directions. Cytomegalovirus Infections: Risk Factors, Causes and Management. (pp. 77-118).
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K. Yeon
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Texas A&M Health Science Center; Microbial Pathogenesis And Immunology; 1114 TAMUS
College Station, TX 77843-1114