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Currently writing a book on 18th Century Irish philosopher George Berkeley and his relations to other early modern thinkers.

selected publications
Academic Articles10
  • Daniel, S. H. (2018). Berkeley's non-Cartesian notion of spiritual substance. Journal of the History of Philosophy. 56(4), 659-682.
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  • Daniel, S. H. (2015). Berkeley, Hobbes and the constitution of the self. Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century. 2015-January(9), 69-81.
  • Daniel, S. H. (2013). Berkeley and the black list hypothesis: A dialogue. SOUTHERN JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY. 51(1), 24-41.
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  • Daniel, S. H. (2010). Berkeley and Spinoza. Revue Philosophique de la France et de La Etranger. 135(1), 123-134.
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  • Daniel, S. H. (2001). Berkeley's pantheistic discourse. International Journal for Philosophy of Religion. 49(3), 179-194.
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  • Daniel, S. H. (2004). Contemporary Continental Thought. Prentice Hall.
  • Daniel, S. H. (1990). Myth and modern philosophy. Temple Univ Pr.
  • Daniel, S. H. (1984). John Toland His Methods, Manners, and Mind. McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP.
  • Daniel, S. H. (2018). Berkeley on God's knowledge of pain Stephen H. Daniel. Berkeley's Three Dialogues: New Essays. (pp. 136-145). Oxford University Press.
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  • Daniel, S. H. (2007). Preface. (pp. vii-viii).
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  • Daniel, S. H. (2006). Edwards as philosopher. The Cambridge Companion to Jonathan Edwards. (pp. 162-180). Cambridge University Press.
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Conference Papers1
  • Daniel, S. H. (2010). How Berkeley's Works Are Interpreted. GEORGE BERKELEY: RELIGION AND SCIENCE IN THE AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT. 201, 3-14.
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