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My areas of energy expertise are broad and I am open to pursuing research in new energy areas.

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Academic Articles36
  • Yin, P., Pate, M., & Battaglia, F. (2019). In-field performance evaluation and economic analysis of residential ground source heat pumps in heating operation. Journal of Building Engineering. 26, 100932-100932.
  • Claridge, D. E., Culp, C., Liu, W., Pate, M., Haberl, J., Bynum, J., Tanskyi, O., & Schaff, F. (2019). A new approach for drying moist air: The ideal Claridge-Culp-Liu dehumidification process with membrane separation, vacuum compression and sub-atmospheric condensation. International Journal of Refrigeration. 101, 211-217.
  • Choi, W., Pate, M. B., Warren, R. D., & Nelson, R. M. (2018). An economic analysis comparison of stationary and dual-axis tracking grid-connected photovoltaic systems in the US Upper Midwest. International Journal of Sustainable Energy. 37(5), 1-24.
  • Choi, W., Pate, M. B., & Sweeney, J. F. (2018). Uncertainty and Signal-to-Noise Ratio for Unsteady Background Noise. Noise Control Engineering Journal. 66(2), 131-141.
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Conference Papers71
  • Yin, P., Pate, M. B., Sweeney, J. F., & ASHRAE, .. (2016). A Method of Efficacy Estimation for ECM Blowers in Residential Gas Furnaces by Using Blower Rotational Speed. 2016 ASHRAE ANNUAL CONFERENCE PAPERS.
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  • Yin, P., Sweeney, J. F., Pate, M. B., & ASHRAE, .. (2014). The Impact of an ECM Blower on the System Performance of a 5-ton Air Conditioner. ASHRAE TRANSACTIONS 1995, VOL 101, PT 2. 120,
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