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Academic Articles9
  • Zhan, W., Porter, J. R., & Morgan, J. A (2014). Experiential Learning of Digital Communication Using LabVIEW. IEEE Transactions on Education. 57(1), 34-41.
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  • Porter, J. R., & Morgan, J. A (2003). Wireless mobile platform: A tool to implement a distance learning laboratory for teaching computer-based instrumentation and control. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING EDUCATION. 19(3), 468-477.
  • G., T., J., C., A., W., & J., M (2001). Identification and characterisation of a diuron-degrading bacterium. Biology and Fertility of Soils. 33(6), 472-476.
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  • Morgan, J. A., Clarke, K. J., Rhodes, G., & Pickup, R. W (1992). Non-culturable Aeromonas salmonicida in lake water.. Microbial Releases. 1(2), 71-78.
  • Morgan, J. A., Rhodes, G., Pickup, R. W., Winstanley, C., & Saunders, J. R (1992). The effect of microcosm design on the survival of recombinant Pseudomonas putida in lake water.. Microbial Releases. 1(3), 155-159.
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Conference Papers34
  • Porter, J., Morgan, J., Zhan, W., & Johnson, M (2016). Multidisciplinary Engineering Technology: Addressing the Change in Industry Workforce Needs. 2016-June,
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  • Morgan, J., Porter, J., Rojdev, K., Carrejo, D., & Colozza, A (2014). NASA Wireless Smart Plug: A Successful ESET Capstone Design Project. 2002 Annual Conference. 24.927.1-24.927.15.
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  • Morgan, J., Porter, J., & Zhan, W (2013). A NEW COURSE ON PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT FOR ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY. 2002 Annual Conference. 23.79.1-23.79.14.
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  • Porter, J., Morgan, J., & Zhan, W (2013). ELECTRONIC PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCES FOR UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS: A NASA SPONSORED EXAMPLE. 2002 Annual Conference. 23.472.1-23.472.16.
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  • Zhan, W., Morgan, J., & Leonard, M (2013). Project Management for Undergraduate and High School Students. 2002 Annual Conference. 23.992.1-23.992.17.
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