My research focuses on rural emergency preparedness/bioterrorism, rural public health systems/infrastructure, health policy, public health workforce competencies, and rural community development.

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  • Gill, A. C., West, C., Watzak, B., Quiram, B., Pillow, T., & Graham, L. (2016). Twelve Tips for Curriculum Sharing and Implementation: Dont Reinvent the Wheel. MedEdPublish. 5, 149-149.
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  • West, C., Veronin, M., Landry, K., Kurz, T., Watzak, B., Quiram, B., & Graham, L. (2015). Tools to investigate how interprofessional education activities link to competencies.. Med Educ Online. 20(1), 28627-28627.
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  • Griffith, J. M., Kay Carpender, S., Crouch, J. A., & Quiram, B. J. (2014). A public health hazard mitigation planning process.. J Public Health Manag Pract. 20 Suppl 5(&NA;), S69-S75.
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  • Artzberger, J. J., Carpender, S. K., Griffith, J. M., Pennel, C. L., & Quiram, B. J (2009). The Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Planning Project: An Evaluation of Strategies for Engaging Rural Community Partners. Texas Public Health Journal. 61(4), 48-51.
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  • Pennel, C. L., Carpender, S. K., & Quiram, B. J. (2008). Rural health roundtables: a strategy for collaborative engagement in and between rural communities.. Rural Remote Health. 8(4), 1054.
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  • Quiram, B. J., Ali, N., & Babicz, K. (2015). Rural Public Health Infrastructure. Bolin, J. N., Bellamy, G., Ferdinand, A. O., Kash, B. A., & Helduser, J. W. (Eds.), Rural Healthy People 2020 Volume 2. 67-74. Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health, Southwest Rural Health Research Center.
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  • Quiram, B. J., & Carpender, S. K. (2009). Information Technology and Data Systems in Disaster Preparedness for Healthcare and the Broader Community. Dwivedi, A. N. (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Information Technology Management and Clinical Data Administration in Healthcare. 247-263. IGI Global.
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