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Academic Articles1
  • Wells-Beede, E., Garcia, B., Chun, S. W., Kicklighter, C., & Seo, J. H. (2022). Creative Solutions for Complex Circumstances: The Utilization of Virtual Reality in a Specialty Course. CLINICAL SIMULATION IN NURSING. 65, 82-85.
Conference Papers3
  • Choi, J., Massey, K., Seo, J. H., & Kicklighter, C. (2021). Balletic VR Integrating Art, Science, and Technology for Dance Science Education. ARTECH 2021: PROCEEDINGS OF THE 10TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DIGITAL AND INTERACTIVE ARTS, 10th International Conference on Digital and Interactive Arts. 1-6.
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  • Seo, J. H., Kicklighter, C., Garcia, B., Chun, S. W., & Wells-Beede, E. (2021). Work-in-Progress-Design and Evaluation of 360 VR Immersive Interactions in Nursing Education. 2021 7TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF THE IMMERSIVE LEARNING RESEARCH NETWORK (ILRN). 195-197.
  • Cook, M., Ackley, A., Gonzalez, K. C., Payne, A., Seo, J. H., Kicklighter, C., Pine, M., & McLaughlin, T. (2019). InNervate Immersion: Case Study of Dynamic Simulations in AR/VR Environments for Learning Muscular Innervation. SIGGRAPH '19 - ACM SIGGRAPH 2019 POSTERS, ACM SIGGRAPH 2019 Posters. 1-2.
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