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Dr. Zhang's long-term goal is to decode genetic events and molecular interactions of biological processes, and rigorously represent the complex molecular behaviors with mathematical models. We use advanced high-throughput technology and robust stochastic models to obtain the systematic picture of a biological process. Multiple types of omics data, such as microarray, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, lipidomics and proteomics are collected through innovative study designs in animals and humans, and are modeled for integrative analysis. Using embryonic mouse as a model system, one of our current focuses is to untangle the spatial and dynamic gene-gene interaction networks during heart development, and illustrate how environmental factors introduce adverse molecular changes and morphological defects. We are also investigating the transgenerational epigenetic variations carried from overweight mother to the offspring, and how the change of lifestyles would prevent childhood obesity.

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  • McCauley, N., Lawless, L., Basra, M., DePadova, N., Loyola, X. A., Zhou, H., ... Xie, L. (2022). In ovo exposure to cadmium causes right ventricle hyperplasia due to cell proliferation of cardiomyocytes.. Toxicol Lett. 366, 1-6.
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  • Guo, X., Shu, C., Li, H., Pei, Y. a., Woo, S., Zheng, J., ... Wu, C. (2017). Cyclic GMP-AMP Ameliorates Diet-induced Metabolic Dysregulation and Regulates Proinflammatory Responses Distinctly from STING Activation.. Sci Rep. 7(1), 6355.
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  • Xie, L., Zhang, K. e., Rasmussen, D., Wang, J., Wu, D., Roemmich, J. N., ... Claycombe, K. (2017). Effects of prenatal low protein and postnatal high fat diets on visceral adipose tissue macrophage phenotypes and IL-6 expression in Sprague Dawley rat offspring.. PLoS One. 12(1), e0169581-e0169581.
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  • Fu, Q., Olson, P., Rasmussen, D., Keith, B., Williamson, M., Zhang, K. K., & Xie, L (2016). A short-term transition from a high-fat diet to a normal-fat diet before pregnancy exacerbates female mouse offspring obesity.. Int J Obes (Lond). 40(4), 564-572.
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  • (2013). Comparative analysis of de novo transcriptome assembly. 5th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 2013, BICoB 2013. 289-295.
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