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  • Craig, H., & O'Sullivan, K. M. (2022). Primary Source Literacy in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond. PORTAL-LIBRARIES AND THE ACADEMY. 22(1), 93-109.
  • Craig, H. (2022). Shakespeare and Lost Plays: Reimagining Drama in Early Modern. SHAKESPEARE QUARTERLY. 72(3-4), 331-333.
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  • Craig, H. (2022). Untimely Deaths in Renaissance Drama: Biography, History, Catastrophe. RENAISSANCE QUARTERLY. 75(1), 351-352.
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  • Craig, H. (2021). "Villanies of that damnd Keeper": Caregiving, Criminality, and Contagion in Early Modern England. EARLY MODERN WOMEN-AN INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL. (1), 72-81.
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  • Craig, H. (2021). Typographies of Performance in Early Modern England. PHILOLOGICAL QUARTERLY. 100(2), 231-234.
  • Craig, H. (2022). Celebrity Skulls. SHAKESPEARE AND CIVIL UNREST IN BRITAIN AND THE UNITED STATES. 14-29. Routledge.
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  • Craig, H. (2020). English Rag-women and Early Modern Paper Production. Wayne, V. (Eds.), Womens Labour and the History of the Book in Early Modern England. Arden Shakespeare.
  • Massai, S., & Craig, H. (2019). Rethinking Prologues on Page and Stage. Stern, T. (Eds.), Rethinking Theatrical Documents in Shakespeares England. 91-110. Bloomsbury Publishing.
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