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My research focuses on Group Theory, Dynamical Systems, Low dimensional Topology, Discrete Mathematics, Abstract Harmonic Analysis, Random Walks, Invariant Means, Bounded Cohomology, and L2-invariants.

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Academic Articles21
  • Grigorchuk, R., & Simanek, B. (2021). Spectra of Cayley graphs of the lamplighter group and random Schrdinger operators. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society. (4), 2445.
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  • Dudko, A., & Grigorchuk, R. (2020). On the question Can one hear the shape of a group? and a Hulanicki type theorem for graphs. Israel Journal of Mathematics. (1),
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  • Grigorchuk, R., Lenz, D., Nagnibeda, T., & Sell, D. (2019). Subshifts with leading sequences, uniformity of cocycles and spectra of Schreier graphs.
  • Grigorchuk, R., & Grigoriev, D. (2019). Key agreement based on automaton groups. Groups Complexity Cryptology. 11(2), 77-81.
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  • Grigorchuk, R., Leonov, Y., Nekrashevych, V., & Sushchansky, V. (2016). Self-similar groups, automatic sequences, and unitriangular representations. Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences. 6(2), 231-285.
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  • Collins, D. J., Grigorchuk, R. I., Kurchanov, P., & Zieshang, H. (1998). Combinatorial Group Theory and Applications to Geometry. Springer Science & Business Media.
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  • Grigorchuk, R. (2005). Solved and Unsolved Problems Around One Group. Progress in Mathematics. Bartholdi, L., Ceccherini-Silberstein, T., Smirnova-Nagnibeda, T., & Zuk, A. (Eds.), Progress in Mathematics. 117-218. Birkhuser-Verlag.
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  • Bartholdi, L., Grigorchuk, R., & Nekrashevych, V. (2003). From Fractal Groups to Fractal Sets. Grabner, P., & Woess, W. (Eds.), Fractals in Graz 2001. 25-118. Birkhäuser Basel.
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  • Grigorchuk, R. I. (2000). Just Infinite Branch Groups. Progress in Mathematics. du Sautoy, M., Segal, D., & Shalev, A. (Eds.), New Horizons in pro-p Groups. 121-179. Birkhuser Boston.
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Conference Papers2
  • Grigorchuk, R., & uni, Z. (2008). Schreier spectrum of the Hanoi Towers group on three pegs. ANALYSIS ON GRAPHS AND ITS APPLICATIONS. 77, 183-198.
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  • Grigorchuk, R., Savchuk, D., & Sunic, Z. (2007). The spectral problem, substitutions and iterated monodromy. PROBABILITY AND MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS: A VOLUME IN HONOR OF STANISLAV MOLCHANOV. 42, 225-248.
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