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Academic Articles17
  • Riccio, C. A., Pliego, J., & Rae, W. A. (2016). Mind-body approaches and chronic illness: Status of research. International Journal of School & Educational Psychology. 4(1), 16-24.
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  • Lopez, M. A., Osterberg, L. D., Jensen-Doss, A., & Rae, W. A. (2011). Effects of workshop training for providers under mandated use of an evidence-based practice.. Adm Policy Ment Health. 38(4), 301-312.
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  • Rae, W. A., Sullivan, J. R., Razo, N. P., & de Alba, R. G. (2009). Breaking Confidentiality to Report Adolescent Risk-Taking Behavior by School Psychologists. ETHICS & BEHAVIOR. 19(6), 449-460.
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  • Rae, W. A., & Sullivan, J. R. (2003). Ethical Considerations in Clinical Psychology Research. Handbook of Research Methods in Clinical Psychology. 52-70. Wiley.
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Conference Papers2
  • Rae, W. A., Jensen-Doss, A., Bowden, R., Mendoza, M., & Banda, T. (2008). Prescription privileges for psychologists: opinions of pediatric psychologists and pediatricians.. 33(2), 176-184.
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