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Academic Articles49
  • Braman, S. (2017). Internet histories: the view from the design process. Internet Histories. 1(1-2), 70-78.
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  • Braman, S (2016). Instability and internet design. Internet Policy Review. 5(3),
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  • de Melo-Martn, I., Hauskeller, M., Braman, S., Guchet, X., & Sharon, T. (2015). Book Symposium on Human Nature in an Age of Biotechnology: the Case for Mediated Posthumanism By Tamar Sharon Springer, Dordrecht, 2014. Philosophy & Technology. 28(4), 581-599.
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  • Braman, S. (2015). Sensor Law.
  • Braman, S (2004). Biotechnology and Communication. Routledge.
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  • Braman, S (2016). Flow. Peters, B. (Eds.), Digital keywords. 118-131. Princeton University Press.
  • Braman, S (2015). The state of cloud computing policy. Yoo, C., & Blanchette, J. F. (Eds.), Regulating the cloud: Policy for computing infrastructure. 279-288. Mit Press.
  • Braman, S (2014). Cyber security ethics at the boundaries: System maintenance and the Tallinn Manual. Glorioso, L., & Osula, A. M. (Eds.), Proceedings: 1st workshop on ethics of cyber conflict. 49-58. NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence.
  • Braman, S. (2012). Technology and epistemology: Information policy and desire. Cultural Technologies: The Shaping of Culture in Media and Society. 133-150.
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  • Braman, S (2011). Anti‐Terrorism and the Harmonization of Media and Communication Policy. The Handbook of Global Media and Communication Policy. 486-504. Wiley-blackwell.
Conference Papers1
  • Braman, S (2009). Internet RFCs as social policy: Network design from a regulatory perspective. Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology. 46(1), 1-29.
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