My research program addresses basic and applied research issues related to turfgrass management, physiology, and ecology. Research focuses on developing sustainable approaches new technologies for irrigation, nutrient management, and construction practices for golf course, sod production, and lawn systems. My program collaborates with faculty across a variety of disciplines to address problems of interest to turf industry stakeholders.

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Academic Articles54
  • Hejl, R., Straw, C., Wherley, B., Bowling, R., & McInnes, K. (2022). Factors leading to spatiotemporal variability of soil moisture and turfgrass quality within sand-capped golf course fairways. PRECISION AGRICULTURE. 23(5), 1908-1917.
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  • Chang, B., Wherley, B., Aitkenhead-Peterson, J., McInnes, K., & Dwyer, P. (2022). Short-term impacts of urban landscape conversion on surface runoff quality. URBAN ECOSYSTEMS. 25(5), 1561-1576.
  • Pirtle, T., Chavarria, M. R., Erickson, J. E., Kenworthy, K. E., Cox, K., Unruh, J. B., ... Moss, J. (2022). Effects of St. Augustinegrass genotype and irrigation frequency on turfgrass quality in a subtropical environment. International Turfgrass Society Research Journal. 14(1), 683-693.
  • Hejl, R. W., Wherley, B. G., McInnes, K., Straw, C. M., & Fontanier, C. (2022). Evaluation of irrigation scheduling approaches within sand-capped turfgrass systems. AGRONOMY JOURNAL. 114(3), 1694-1704.
  • Hejl, R. W., Wherley, B. G., & Fontanier, C. H. (2021). Long-term Performance of Warm-season Turfgrass Species under Municipal Irrigation Frequency Restrictions. HORTSCIENCE. 56(10), 1221-1225.
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  • Jespersen, D., Wherley, B., & DaCosta, M. (2023). Advances in understanding turfgrass physiology. Achieving sustainable turfgrass management. 3-44. Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing.
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  • Wherley, B. (2013). Design of Lysimeter for Turfgrass Water Use. Evapotranspiration. 75-85. Taylor & Francis.
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  • Wherley, B. (2013). Water Conservation for Turfgrass. Evapotranspiration. 305-315. Taylor & Francis.
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Conference Papers4
  • Birnbaum, A., Wherley, B., & Reed, D. (2021). Spent Coffee Grounds Have a Biostimulant Effect on Germination of Spinach, Peas, and Radish. HORTSCIENCE. 56(9), S70-S70.
  • Nissen, L. D., Jo, Y., & Wherley, B. (2013). Large patch activity in 'Palisades' zoysiagrass in response to irrigation, nitrogen and Civitas applications. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 103(5), 8-8.
  • Wherley, B., Sinclair, T., Dukes, M., & Miller, G. (2009). Design, Construction, and Field Evaluation of a Lysimeter System for Determining Turfgrass Water Use. PROCEEDINGS OF THE FLORIDA STATE HORTICULTURE SOCIETY, VOL 122. 122, 373-377.
  • Wherley, B., Alvarado, J., White, R., Thomas, J., Men, J., Tate, D., Jaber, F., & Reynolds, W. (2018). Method and system for reduction of irrigation runoff.
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